Its YOU who allows hacker to hack.

It's never the hacker who hacks. It's YOU who allows hacker to hack.

We are emerging into a complete digital world. Just like our House makes us secure, similarly there are some measures to get ourselves secure in this Digital world. So why not to build your digital house with some free tips.

Here are some very simple tips you should follow to avoid any kind of hacking to your account.

1. Always use well known browsers.

Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera etc. Anyone might download a internet browser may be from some fancy ads, or fun or for experimenting. Never use or browse internet from any other browser. I mean never ever.
* Even Facebook or gmail can be hacked if not adhere to this first tip, not a big deal.

2.Always use latest browser.

How much latest? Most of the  modern browsers auto updates themselves. But check just your browser version once if it is latest or near to latest. If yes, this means your browser is getting auto updated. If no, you need to manually update it daily or figure out why it is not getting updated.

3. Make sure you trust the website you are providing personal information to.

If you think you need to access a website but it is not that famous or trustworthy, you can make a login but never provide any personal information like your phone number or your debit/credit information. You can provide your email but keep one more useless gmail id for such cases.

4. Review your Facebook and Google security settings.

Have a look at these pages:

5. Never provide information on HTTP

Never ever login or post any information in a website which in unsecured. Secured website starts with https:// and unsecured with http://

6. Always use an anti-virus in your system.

It's good if you have a paid version of any Antivirus, however there are other several antivirus like Panda antivirus which is free.

7. Do not login Facebook, google or wherever you have your accounts through any link.

Facebook - Faecbook 
Orkut - Okrut 
Google - Goolge 

Seems Similar names Eh! 

 If you are not sure about the spelling of the website, use google to search and open that website. For. eg. accounts were hacked by, the name seems similar but if you look closely r and k are exchanged.

8. Please share this article with your family and friends to contribute for making this world digitally secured.