List of projects topics for Computer Science and IT Students

This is the list of projects topics for Computer Science and I.T. studying students. You can opt one of the below mentioned topics for your project.

  1. Automation of an existing Accounting/Sales/Production system in a company industry
  2. Signature / Finger print Verification System
  3. Traffic Management System
  4. City transport Management System
  5. Remote Talk Utility development
  6. Dynamic information Server
  7. Web based Tele shopping / telemarketing System
  8. Student Management System for School/College
  9. Designing of MIS
  10. Web Server for Windows/Unix OS
  11. Remote login System for Networked System
  12. Drinking water distribution Management System
  13. Online Railway/aviation Reservation System
  14. Railway/Telephone Enquiry System
  15. Website offering information about Computerized Accounting
  16. Simulation of E-Commerce
  17. Prototype of a GIS
  18. Intra search – an Intra Net Search System
  19. Prototype for Rental Unit Company
  20. Adoption of X-Windows/motif to real time application
  21. Java based electronic Computer Software
  22. Java based Chat engine/server
  23. Database engine
  24. Dynamic Information server(UNISWITCH)
  25. Graphical utility like screen saver/editor
  26. Office suite containing word processor/spreadsheet
  27. Compiler/Interpreter for language/database
  28. Kernel of an OS / Network OS
  29. Prototype of a computerized EPBAX System
  30. A bank money Transaction System
  31. Automatic attendance System
  32. Computer hardware Purchase System
  33. Book distributor order maintenance application
  34. Merchant house stock management application
  35. Software Company’s attendance record application
  36. Hospital management and Maintenance
  37. University’s student record application
  38. Publishing Export house stock maintenance
  39. Library Database Management System
  40. Passenger Bus Reservation System
  41. Horoscope
  42. Simulation of Typing tutor
  43. Telephone Directory
  44. Telephone Bill Generating application
  45. Java pad- the text editor
  46. Website of a publishing house
  47. Simulation of online personal diary
  48. Website designing in electronic spare parts
  49. Jeweler showroom management and maintenance
  50. Employee pay slip generation System
  51. Label Generation System
  52. Card Trick game
  53. E-Commerce shopping application done in java
  54. Website providing matrimonial services
  55. Job site
  56. Account Management
  57. Automatic Report Scheduler
  58. Banking - Customer care
  59. Benefits Processing
  60. Call Handling System
  61. Charity Fund Raising
  62. Crime Records System/criminal investigation system
  63. Customer Support - Service Operations
  64. Diary Distribution System
  65. Donor Fund Management
  66. Event Management
  67. Extensions Management Systems
  68. Garbage Collection Disposal
  69. Model Management Agency
  70. Radio Taxis
  71. Retail Outlet Operations
  72. Retail Supply Chain
  73. Sales Forecasting Production Planning
  74. State Employment Portal
  75. SW Project Management
  76. Audio file format conversion and compression utility
  77. Voice response/recognition software
  78. SMS sending utility
  79. E mail handling and management s/w
  80. Virus scanner software
  81. Image processing s/w