Some Thoughts on Education System

There is some weird belief in our society that puts an student in an extreme pressure that he/she has to get above 90% or 95% to be successful. Thousands of suicide cases we encounter due to this parental pressure. 

We should have a huge respect for the students who achieve that on their own because this is what they are passionate about and that's what we should understand that it totally depends on person to person that what he/she love to do.

If someone tops in school, that person is a passionate scholar and researcher. If some one tops in any sport, that person is passionate about that game. It is the mental neurons that builds up as we grow and it totally depends on the ecosystem that we are growing into.

It just happened by chance that primary, secondary, graduate and master education became mandatory in our society. It can be understood easily that there is no need to continue schooling after primary education. Just follow what you love to do may be engineering in specific field only, any sport, acting, dancing, biology, painting, stand up comedian, electrician, musician or anything.

We need to understand that. Just if we think that may be a physicist can help a bowler in his swing bowling by guiding him in his elbow movements while releasing the ball, or maybe a programmer can capture the dance movements of choreographer to create animations for some website or a chess grand-master can help an investor in deciding the permutations to invest on if given in the form of chess moves. It means we all need each other in a better way. 

We can create and utilize things in a much better way if we have a variety of master skills in different fields in different persons. This will create a great variety of skill set and will make this unwanted competition very low.

It's the need of an hour to change our education system and the orthodox beliefs about it. 

All of your thoughts about it will make it more clear so please give your comments here.