Viber Contacts Filter App

This is an step by step process of using the Viber Contacts Filter App. Please follow the steps as mentioned at the right side Notepad window.

Youtube link for step-by-step video :

For reference, the text shown in this video is mentioned below:


This is the demo of how Viber filter app works.

Please follow the steps in sequence.
  • 1. Open genymotion. Make sure you already have installed the Viber app in genymotion device. I have already added a device in genymotion. The device is now started.
  • 2. Open Viber in genymotion. If it is a first time installation of Viber in Genymotion, then you need to register with your mobile number first.
  • 3. Now, install Viber for desktop. After installation, open the Viber for desktop app and register with the same mobile number as done for genymotion app.
  • 4. It will now ask for QR code to scan from mobile. The problem is we dont have it installed in our mobile, so how can we scan that QR code. See now how it can be done. As you can see there is one camera option at the right side of the genymotion app. You have to turn this ON. Configure both front and back camera as your PC laptop/desktop camera. It will look similar to this image. Now click the pic of this from your mobile an open that image in you mobile.
  • 5. Go to genymotion app and click on QR code. It will open the camera to scan. The only thing is you have to show the picture clicked in previous step to your laptop/desktop camera. Now, once you have your image scanned by genemotion viber, your desktop viber will be activated.
  • 6. Now, open Viber Contact Filter app. The screen will look like as shown.
  • 7. First you need to register a mobile number to create a communication channel. Just type your number and click on Register.
  • 8. It will show your current contacts of Viber app.
  • 9. Now click on Browse to browse a bulk contact file. (Note that you should first select the delimiter from the dropdown above)
  • 10. In this contact file I have one number which is a Valid viber contact. The highlighted one is a valid viber contact.
  • 11. Now, all contacts have been imported in the app.
  • 12. Now, click on "Generate Viber Contact File". A vcf file has been saved to MyDocuments folder. Let's grab that.
  • 13. I have copy-pasted this file from my documents to some other folder. Now drag and drop this file to genymotion. Now open the file. This is downloaded in "Download" folder. Double click this file and open in Contacs.
  • 14. It is showing that contacts will be imported shortly. Now, go to contacts.
  • 15. Now, open Viber, you can see all the contacts here including the one which is a valid Viber contact. Now, going back to our Viber filter app.
  • 16. Unregister and Re-enter the mobile number.
  • 17. Now, all contacts have been here.
  • 18. Now, Click on Start Filtering Contacts.
  • 19. You can see that one valid Viber contact is here. This was the one which was in bulk contact file.
  • 20. You can now click on Export to export the list of these valid viber contacts.

Click here to download the executables. (zip password - 123)