Stock Market - Primary & Secondary Market

There are two ways for investors to get shares from the primary and secondary markets. In primary markets, securities are bought by way of public issue directly from the company. In Secondary market share are traded between two investors.

Primary Market

Market for new issues of securities, as distinguished from the Secondary market, where previously issued securities are bought and sold.

A market is primary if the proceeds of sales go to the issuer of the securities sold.

This is part of the financial market where enterprises issue their new shares and bonds. It is characterised by being the only moment when the enterprise receives money in exchange for selling its financial assets.

Secondary Market

The market where securities are traded after they are initially offered in the primary market. Most trading is done in the secondary market.
To explain further, it is Trading in previously issued financial instruments. An organized market for used securities. Examples are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE),National Stock Exchange NSE, bond markets, over-the-counter markets, residential mortgage loans, governmental guaranteed loans etc.