The Biohub Cell Atlas Project

The Cell Atlas project is an international collaboration to map the cell types of the human body. This is one of the projects of Biohub research center. Biohub is one of the initiatives of Chan Zukerberg Initiatives.

The statement about Cell Atlas project in Biohub website:

"Mapping every type of cell in the human body is an ambitious goal, but we’re ready for the challenge. It requires biologists, engineers and technologists working as a team—which is why Biohub is the only place to launch this effort right now."

This is the project that talks about creating a map of all cells in a human body connecting to each other. This map will then eventually be available to researchers around the world who will identify how these cells are controlling every parts of our body.

This will reveal majority of mysteries inside the human body that would have not been possible earlier. This will help in understanding quickly the root cause of many diseases including the one's whose cure have not been found so far.

This project have 5 years of unrestricted funding from Chan Zukerberg Initiatives. It collaborates top scientists and engineers around the world and their full potential can be utilized. The whole team is pretty exciting about it and working hard to make it possible.

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